Genesistems, Inc. was incorporated in February of 1977 as a custom software house writing systems for the new Wang 2200 mini-computer. In 1980 we installed our first vertical market package for restaurants. In 1984 our operating system was changed over to support MS-DOS and we installed our first network. Genesistems enjoys a loyal customer base that spans the decades and the continents. One of our first customers has benefited from the portability of our software moving effortlessly through two generations of mini-computers to the current PC technology. With employees having worked an average of 30 years with Genesistems, the stability of our employees is only matched by the flexibility and portability of our software.

In May 1, 2004 - to better supply the custom software needs of manufacturers, distributors and restaurants, Genesistems, Inc. acquired the TOM Software, Inc. products and VAR network. This new combination of experience, staff and products will lead to better applications and more support for TOM VARs and customers.

TOM Software products include their advanced SPEED Database and Development tool and System Applications Software, as well as years of programming utility development experience. Their extensive VAR network and advanced support infrastructure will integrate with Genesistems' marketing ability and software enhancements. This combination will provide TOM VARs with new enhanced graphical software solutions to compete in today's market place.

Genesistems, Inc. brings today's application software to the partnership. Their new TABS software provides one of the most customizable and integrated distribution and manufacturing systems available. The creation of a number of new tools has formed the basis of their new SPEED 8 TM Graphical software suite. In addition Genesistems, Inc. specializes in advanced graphical forms design using the PrintManager graphical forms printing software adding graphical forms capability while eliminating preprinted forms costs.

Software Developers looking to escape the Traditional development environments should look to Genesistems and the SPEED 8 toolset which has over 35 years of development and enhancements in it.  It is Unmatched in the industry for ease of use and efficiency in developing systems that can scale from 1 to 1000 users instantly while separating you from operating system changes and Manufacturers whims. .

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