Genesistems, Inc. was incorporated in February of 1977 as a custom software house writing systems for the new Wang 2200 mini-computer. With employees having worked an average of 30 years with Genesistems, the stability of our employees is only matched by the flexibility and portability of our software.

Eric Muench- President of Genesistems. Currently he works on large account sales and consulting around the country for both network and systems design. He specializes in systems specific to the restaurant industry.

Carroll Wilcox- The Senior Analyst for Genesistems. He is responsible for overseeing the major system designs and implementations. He has experience in Basic2, Speed I, Speed II, and FourD as well as applications. He has been with Genesistems since 1978.

Jim Palladino - Jim brings 27 years of experience in the Basic2, Speed I, Speed II, and FourD areas to add to Genesistems' long history of working in this area. Jim concentrates on the new Manufacturing System and working with our technical staff on adding additional features to the Manufacturing, and Distribution systems.

Jim Odland(TOM Software Division) provides support and enhancements for the current SPEEDTM product line. Jim started programming on Wang computers in 1975 and has worked on the development of FourD, SPEED II, SPEED I and predecessor, along with applications using those utilities.


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